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Olaf as Disney Princesses

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After a 20-minute flight over the city of New York, Stephen Wiltshire, diagnosed with autism, draws the whole town with only his memory.
Protecting forests=protecting our earth, climate & wildlife. This Int’l Forest Day join me & #StandForForests http://thndr.it/1dqtLBN


I just supported #StandForForests on @ThunderclapIt // @Greenpeace please join me in standing up for the forests!

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Hello sexy


"A happy family is but an earlier heaven." - George Bernard Shaw

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Kangaroo and Wombat are Best Friends

A couple of cute animals kangaroo Anzac and wombat Peggy became stars of the Internet. Both orphans – they were in a cage in the center of the rescue of wild animals in Victoria, Australia. And there they became big friends.

Photos by Wild About Wildlife Rescue Center  | Via FreeYork



Crop it like it’s hot. | Wearing my favorite pair of @soludos #escapetotulum (at Tulum)



Every frame of the Harry Potter movies, condensed into a barcode.

#oh my god #look at this #how it starts off with reds and oranges and purples #bright colors #and then it gets continuously darker towards the end #it’s so fitting to the story #and then there is that strip of white at the end #which has to be the king’s cross scene #and it’s just #light #in a dark time #which is extremely beautiful

you know why theres a white part at the end? because happiness can be found even in the darkest of times

only the harry potter fandom would make me have feelings about color stripes.

it’s not just color stripes dude. if this really is all 7 movies condensed into one image, then it’s our life